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Monday, November 25, 2013

See Past Yourself

Perspective mechanisms:

Hedonistic adaptability Vs Gratitude: Life sometimes gives us the possibility of numerous hedonistic pleasures, but more than often it lacks the ability to give pleasure without the feeling of emptiness. I think developing a sense of abstract gratitude works to nullify this feeling, and promotes a sustained happiness path without the up's and down's.

Managing expectations: One must be neutral to the outcomes.Outcome for an action may or may not be completely in your hand and so, by being neutral, 'doing for the sake of doing' is likely to be fostered and the inherent frustrations of failure are nullified.

Social Support Vs Isolations: Human beings are social beings and cannot be happy without social support. Society may or may not be in your favor and so, being of value to society is very important. Developing abstract love may also be of value where social support is not available.

Delayed Gratification Vs Instant Gratification: Delaying gratification is an important skill in everything. Every time you don't do what you are supposed to do, you practice what you are not supposed to do.

Balance of stability Vs Instability: There is no stability, instability is a part of life. Accepting instability and seeking improvement in instability is the only rational choice.

Imitate & Agile: Imitation is the key to faster growth. Implementing iterative learning coupled with copying the best in class is the way to action.

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