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Thursday, July 18, 2013


I know not why, but its taken me a long time to set myself some goals that I find worth attaining.

I will try to revert myself to this post and track my progress, identify obstacles and to mention achievements.

Some modest goals that I feel like achieving:
  • Read: At least 1 book/month.
  • Write: 1 or more blogs/month.
  • Draw: Practice 2 well drawn sketches/month.
  • Meditate: Atleast an hour/day. Read something to help the cause.
  • Exercise: Min half an hour daily for 6 days.
  • Cook: Restrict Junk food.
  • Garden: Cultivate this as a hobby?
As a off topic to this, I find it worth a mention some key things that I need to implement in my behavior.
1. In approaching any task there are 3 options. Yes/No/Maybe. I need to get out of the perpetual maybe cycle and start doing stuff. Granted there are somethings in life we do not know with certainty the outcome, even so, I should do them, get feedback and then do them again. I should not place the burden of "correctness" on myself as most things in life are iterative in nature.
2. Do not worry excessively about the moral/ethical implications of actions. I seriously do not need more things to stop me from taking action.One should perform his duties to the best of ones abilities.