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Monday, November 25, 2013

See Past Yourself

Perspective mechanisms:

Hedonistic adaptability Vs Gratitude: Life sometimes gives us the possibility of numerous hedonistic pleasures, but more than often it lacks the ability to give pleasure without the feeling of emptiness. I think developing a sense of abstract gratitude works to nullify this feeling, and promotes a sustained happiness path without the up's and down's.

Managing expectations: One must be neutral to the outcomes.Outcome for an action may or may not be completely in your hand and so, by being neutral, 'doing for the sake of doing' is likely to be fostered and the inherent frustrations of failure are nullified.

Social Support Vs Isolations: Human beings are social beings and cannot be happy without social support. Society may or may not be in your favor and so, being of value to society is very important. Developing abstract love may also be of value where social support is not available.

Delayed Gratification Vs Instant Gratification: Delaying gratification is an important skill in everything. Every time you don't do what you are supposed to do, you practice what you are not supposed to do.

Balance of stability Vs Instability: There is no stability, instability is a part of life. Accepting instability and seeking improvement in instability is the only rational choice.

Imitate & Agile: Imitation is the key to faster growth. Implementing iterative learning coupled with copying the best in class is the way to action.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Move towards realism

Some of my favorite movies have stories with a very grim portrayal of life. They have characters who are not larger than life and the protagonist's life is mundane at best, if not downright destructive.

Most popular movies today frequently have the message of "you are do it all" and hail a culture of winning. Life on the contrary, gives us both good and bad.Truly, I don't think the culture of boosted self esteem portrays an accurate picture of life(nor does is do any good). I do think that one must be able to accept the good/bad and not work in the delusion that things could be better. A nicer approach would be to accept whats given and then do the best one can to better the situation.This would not only benefit us in the future but also improve the present.       

I am not suggesting that optimism is bad, simply that realism is better.

Some of my favorite movies that are have less than perfect stories:
  • Wrestler
  • Magnolia
  • Into the wild
  • Sunset limited
  • Leaving Las Vegas
  • Bringing out the dead
  • Requiem for a dream

Images from and Peanuts by Charles Schulz

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tradeoff's in Human Desires

As humans, I believe we share a set of conflicting emotions/desires. Accepting the paradox, and then gradually learning to navigate them may lead to a fulfilling life.

We share tradeoff's in :
  • Experience Seeking: There is a desire/thrill in learning new things and experiencing new environments/situations.
  • Problem Solving: I believe humans are problem solvers having an innate need to "figure it out". This is linked to our ability to change/manipulate the environment and thus, experience a degree of control where there might be none.
  • Stability: We have a bias to the familiar and seek comfort in rituals and routines. Love is also a part of that stability seeking behavior; in a environment that can feel all too familiar a loveless affair.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I know not why, but its taken me a long time to set myself some goals that I find worth attaining.

I will try to revert myself to this post and track my progress, identify obstacles and to mention achievements.

Some modest goals that I feel like achieving:
  • Read: At least 1 book/month.
  • Write: 1 or more blogs/month.
  • Draw: Practice 2 well drawn sketches/month.
  • Meditate: Atleast an hour/day. Read something to help the cause.
  • Exercise: Min half an hour daily for 6 days.
  • Cook: Restrict Junk food.
  • Garden: Cultivate this as a hobby?
As a off topic to this, I find it worth a mention some key things that I need to implement in my behavior.
1. In approaching any task there are 3 options. Yes/No/Maybe. I need to get out of the perpetual maybe cycle and start doing stuff. Granted there are somethings in life we do not know with certainty the outcome, even so, I should do them, get feedback and then do them again. I should not place the burden of "correctness" on myself as most things in life are iterative in nature.
2. Do not worry excessively about the moral/ethical implications of actions. I seriously do not need more things to stop me from taking action.One should perform his duties to the best of ones abilities.