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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Being Someone

 Random  ranting:

1. Bad situations are assumed.No need to repeat this fact(Focus more on +ve language).
2. Need inherent trust in people:
  • Need not fear of rejection
  • Need a set of firm beliefs(No need to express them, but it is needed for a strong background)
  • Need not fear exploitation(You have only things to gain)
3. Need to change to a more non procrastinating language.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Being an adult

Sometime beginning august last year I got what I wished for. I became a wage slave. For the 8 months that passed I've been in the "adult" world without really being an adult. I've procrastinated/neglected any responsible task that I should have done.That being said I am working to consciously be an adult.

What I feel being an adult means.

  • Taking responsibility for your action.
  • Becoming someone family and friends can depend upon. Someone that people look up to.
  • Knowing your identity/direction in life and taking action to on it. This would let you to deal with competing priorities and find balance in life.