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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Depression, is it a propaganda?

One of the key factors that I think contributes to inaction is watching too much TV/Media/Movies. As it is a linear medium where we have no control of the outcome, we are relegated to the position of a bystander, and as such we become passive observers.

I think watching such mediums for a extended amounts of time makes us carry the habit into real life and thus we ‘become’ people who ‘are’ helpless and not motivated to change.

It becomes imperative then, that we stop this feeling of helplessness and become empowered. Face the demons and not get washed away in the stream of negative emotions.

We all strive for something. Inability to get that thing results in an unfulfilled vacuum aka. Depression(It cannot be solved by drugging ourselves by medicines, it is most likely a propaganda by the pharmacies to earn money. Create a market where there was none, and constantly shift attention from what is needed i.e. empowering people to something else; that is making suckers)

Material things do play a part in it i.e. food, shelter etc.

But, most importantly we need social connection. Today, a culture dominated by media and constantly changing paradigms is paradoxically reducing the ways in which we can relate to people. Mental satisfaction thrives in constancy of purpose and stable environments. Firstly, what we need is a stable societal values and structure where people can identify themselves and relate to and fit in. If we base this on relationships we have to understand that people change and ultimately they also pass away, this means that we have a lot of chance of suffering. We should in the end base societal values on something absolute which people can achieve and which leads to lasting happiness.

In capitalism, when will powerlessness become power?

When will nonprofit become profit?

Power rules society, in today’s world that power would be money. If money rules; anything that negates money will be opposed by power. So, as long as people who have money are held powerful, change is difficult.

Change Log V1:

I will not be constantly reflective(It is good in moderation, but I have passed that threshold).

I will not be constantly question (It is good in moderation, but I have passed that threshold).

I will not constantly negate everything.

I will not be rejection sensitive.

I will not grab instant comfort.

Not me. Not me. Not me. Not me. Not me. Not me

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