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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Monkey Identification Sheet

The two types modes of behavior

1. Auto behavior: Uncontrolled

2. 'Acting Mode' or 'Doing Mode' = Controlled, aware and progressive

  • Writing down = non auto behavior = good stuff
  • You have to do this. Failure of 2 years is a testament to your inability to change.
  • Change your demeanor: Calm, collected and mindful. Always gathering feedback to continue self growth (Acting/doing mode)
  • Acting as a basis of life
  • Constant feedback on action is absolutely necessary. Failure of two years is a testament to your inability to change
  • Behavior highly skewed towards auto behavior causes retrospective reflective guilt
  • 'Acting Mode' or 'Doing Mode' is not wrong it’s all your worth
  • Retrospective reflective guilt is reactively countered by auto behavior (mostly hedonic) and thus the cycle repeats endlessly
  • 'Acting Mode' makes auto behavior worthwhile. For all your worth & deliverables are achieved in 'acting mode'
  • 'Acting Mode' influences behavior characteristics in auto behavior

Key points:

While in 'Doing Mode' in isolation, many a times the mental continuum is disturbed by testosterone. Alternatively, overwhelming sleep can also take over

Solution: Don't fuel ---'See' --- Take a break and join back

While in 'Doing Mode' in isolation, many a times there is marked fascination & attraction towards 'auto behavior' Primary Susceptibilities: Checking emails, facebook, entering a social situation, binge eating, loitering around and procrastination

Do not speak about this in public. Just 'Act' normal

What to do in case of aversion to 'breaking away from auto behavior?

Solution: Remember fear of Retrospective reflective guilt and remember your mortality.

In case of an inability to identify 'auto mode'

Solution: Cross check activity with auto behavior characteristics

What if I simply prefer auto mode?

Solution: Strengthen moral compass and develop a preference for doing

Beware of creating rational inevitabilities wherein YOU create situation of a strong susceptibility to auto behavior (e.g. going out drinking and rationalizing that I need to relax and chill)

'Doing Mode' is likely to be hampered by a lack of purpose.
Solution: Understand that human beings are irrational beings. Purpose in itself is irrational & so so what you think you should be doing.

Its just a feeling...Its JUST a feeling.... and nothing happens if you ignore it.

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