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Friday, November 26, 2010

Skewed, Biased Interpretation of Deming's 14 Points

Note : I love Deming.

  1. I take Demings 14 Points,
  2. See what people say about it ( )
  3. Make a biased and skewed interpretation of my own in italics.(Not in Italy)
  4. Paste.

1."Create constancy of purpose towards improvement". Replace short-term reaction with long-term planning.

=Trust things won’t change and that your purpose is right. Give up short term gains because you “know” things will be alright.

2."Adopt the new philosophy". The implication is that management should actually adopt his philosophy, rather than merely expect the workforce to do so.

=Act, Pursue.

3."Cease dependence on inspection". If variation is reduced, there is no need to inspect manufactured items for defects, because there won't be any.

= Do things for intrinsic pleasure, not for society, not for people to notice, not for anyone but you.

4."Move towards a single supplier for any one item." Multiple suppliers mean variation between feedstocks.

= Minimize uncertainty, create simplicity.

5."Improve constantly and forever". Constantly strive to reduce variation.

=There is not reached there is only reaching.

6."Institute training on the job". If people are inadequately trained, they will not all work the same way, and this will introduce variation.

= Institute the best practices.

7."Institute leadership". Deming makes a distinction between leadership and mere supervision. The latter is quota- and target-based.

=Trust, Revere and learn from a master.

8."Drive out fear". Deming sees management by fear as counter- productive in the long term, because it prevents workers from acting in the organisation's best interests.

= Transcend fear.

9."Break down barriers between departments". Another idea central to TQM is the concept of the 'internal customer', that each department serves not the management, but the other departments that use its outputs.

= Everyone is the same. You are that which pervades everything.

10."Eliminate slogans". Another central TQM idea is that it's not people who make most mistakes - it's the process they are working within. Harassing the workforce without improving the processes they use is counter-productive.

= Do not use stress to get output, change the process.

11."Eliminate management by objectives". Deming saw production targets as encouraging the delivery of poor-quality goods.

= Do not use guilt to get output, sometimes short term inefficiency is better that long term harm.

12."Remove barriers to pride of workmanship". Many of the other problems outlined reduce worker satisfaction.

= Change the environment. You need to change the environment to suit your ideals.

13."Institute education and self-improvement".

= Learn what is learning. Learn the limits of rationality. Learn the effects of irrationality.

14."The transformation is everyone's job".

= Society should ultimately focus on what is progress. It should move towards satisfaction, sustenance, peace, love, harmony.

P.S :

Food = Ultimate Backup = Ultimate indicator for survival

When? In times of uncertainty

Sleeping in security = Ultimate form to escape situation.

When? In times of fear

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