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Thursday, September 16, 2010


Determination fails under peer pressure or it might fail with change in the outlook.

This outlook can change either in volition or in coercion .

It can be debated what volition means, volition might mean giving into desires.While what you are determined to achieve is also a desire, the body sometimes(manytime?) cannot differentiate between desires.

As of now it is accepted that cigarettes are deleterious to health, even if they feel good. But this conflict cannot be resolved by the body. It knows not what is good and what is bad.

What matters is you thinking behind your action, let it be pure and so be it.

Road map ahead :

X does A
X wants to do/be B
X tends to do C

If wants are congruent with does, then a happy mental life ensues.

The reason for why people tend to do things other than what they want to be, is that people are influenced by the environment, thus people tend to doubt themselves.Also we tend to accept what masses do as good, we never suspect that they all might be wrong.

Also the body has a will of its own, amidst all these things, ones abilities to make decision falters greatly, conflicting information is to be blamed.

You can read all the posts and all the psychological babble.It can be summed up in about one sentence. I lack determination to do what I want to do, simple.

What is needed is prudence.

Prudence is knowing when to reject comfort.

"--------"           "--------"          "--------" fear

"--------"           "--------"          "--------" lust

"--------"           "--------"          "--------" anger

"--------"           "--------"          "--------" pride

"--------"           "--------"           "--------" peace

"--------"           "--------"           "--------" acceptance


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