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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Emotional Abuse

Captain Emotional's Log:

Week 5 : Happily swimming in the primordial goo of life, emotions were born and for the first time in my life I got a heavy dose of WTF!
A feeling I was to grow comfortable with all throughout my journey.
Swimming in darkness I knew not where to go or what to do but wait, for I had nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Week 38 : For a few days now, I was fearful that someone was wanting me out of my home. A fear that was pushed into existence my someone who I later knew to be my mother.
Wet, cold, scared and startled at the world around me,I was upside down and felt a sharp smack on my buttocks and thus felt my first homeostatic emotion...PAIN.
I cried and I cried but for some reason the people around me were smiling, congratulating even dancing around me. I knew not why.

Month 13 : I reached a milestone today and I was happy. I could now walk and slowly run away from what I found to be distasteful. But "taste" it seems is a genetic inevitability as it is a acquired ability.

Year 5 : Kinder-garden Ahhh... the fun. It was pure joy just play with toys, chill around, laugh and have fun.
Little did I know that this was the silence before the storm. A storm of endless competition,grade mongering and soul-less aim chasing ; moderated by corporations motivated solely by profit of aimless souls.

Year 12 : Puberty strikes.
I don't like the fact that I start growing hair on my body and that my voice starts to crack.
I start liking girls and my testosterone makes me want to punch any random guy square in his face. There is much heart break and even more emotional upheaval caused solely by my changing body.

Year 23: First Job.
Initially...... Money,independence Wohoo!!!
After a little I have to go everyday?
What did you say? No promotion !! Man that sucks. I quit.

Year 46 : Now I know mid-life crisis is the best thing that happened to me....why you ask?
Kids don't listen, job has been monotonous for a while now.
Been trying to keep up with the Joneses, but they always tend to stay higher.
I love my life. This is a lie.

Year 63.7 : On my death bed.
By bones are aching. My minds racing with regrets.
I am just waiting for the reaper to end this X-(
Second life here I come!

Round two?!
Bow wow...humping legs and more bow wow.

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