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Friday, June 4, 2010

Hikikomori ひきこもり or 引き籠もり

What do you do when cant change?

Why cant you change?

What is change?
Change is beginning to follow a different pattern of behavior.

So why cant you follow a different pattern of behavior?

Its not that I cant.... its more like that I dont.

I do not have to be someone great to have a worth.

Is everyone worthy or is everyone trash?
Trash does not start out to be trash, it serves its purpose and then becomes trash.People are the same.

Trash is sometimes useful too but EVENTUALLY everything becomes trash.

People talk as if there is grandeur in titles/results/positions. Get real life is not a movie.

Why is there pursuit of grandeur when all there is to attain is trash.

In the end nothing matters, all that matters is RIGHT NOW.Now defines the past,present and the future.Now is what we have worth doing.

If we focus on the present what is the difficulty?

Difficulty 1 : Mind is unable to decide.

Solution : Streamline the day eg. wake up at time X ; read something from X to X ; and so on and so forth.

Difficulty 2 : There is a vague understanding of what to do but an even vaguer understanding of what not to do. Even the things that one should absolutely not do seem right at that moment.

Solution : Accept the fact that life is boring. Deal with it and pursue what you want to.Initially there might be resistance but slowly things should look good.

Pursue a language: Japanese.

Learn to draw : Anything.

Study : Material at hand.

Write : Anything.

Am I an unreliable narrator?

I think I am not, but I can be.

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