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Monday, June 7, 2010

A contradiction called life

Life is a contradiction.

Life contains the seed of death.

Nothing can escape death.

We were not here yesterday nor will we be here tomorrow.

The only proof of our being is now.

So in a broad perspective what we do now is what we are.

That marks our existence.

This may be self evident or even plain simple.

But even so most of our lifes revolve around self stimulation.

I dont mean sexual self stimulation but may be any kind of stimulation in a sense that everything we do is in a way designed to forget our mortality or mean to escape the fact that life truly is boring.

I want to see what will happen if someone embraces life as an incarnation of boredom.

Will he give up hope and die, or will he take that chance to be something which defies the concept of a human being. I am curious.

Read for some insights... Huxley's Brave New World also makes for a interesting read.

So with that said we stop looking at the future and come to now.

Now is everything, but it has physics of its own.

Now wants to exist forever.

It is a product of proliferation, and indoctrinates proliferation

The first step of conquering now is to leave all self image behind.

We may have intent but cling on to self images of the past, because thats what we are programmed to do.

I mean it is easier for a poor person to aim to have a secure life than it is for a person who has everything in life to have a higher goal.

The reason being that our basic needs are fulfilled, so strictly in the point of view of our body it needs nothing more and the mind forms a weak motivator as compared to the purely physical needs.

So one must be ready to relinquish all that we were, and even be ready to accept a position inferior to what we were presently in order to learn.

Secondly man and possibly lastly ? man is a slave to habit, use it in order to benefit you to conquer now.

Its in a sense which is similar to bad things begetting bad things and vice versa.

Side notes : People and things made by people are made to influence other people, stay away from some and cling on to what motivates you towards your goal.

For what reason did this post digress from trying to explain life as a contradiction to some futile copy cat- self help post : The reasons are at best unknown.

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