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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Stop the cribbing..........seriously now

Symptoms of addiction very prominent.

Motivation at an all time low.

What triggers these binges?

Binges of desperation, binges of running away from the truth.

I dont know, but i do know that everyone is addicted to something, it "the thing" that makes all the difference.

Am watching 'celebrity rehab with Dr Drew' now a days.

What startled me the most is how people fall from grace.

Substance abuse takes everything in a instance.

I find it boring for a blog like mine to just crib about stuff.

Perhaps it is sad that I will look back at my posts and find that I have been cribbing all my life.

And never f*****g changed.

Don't know how i'll change, but one thing is for sure. I DO WANT TO CHANGE!

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