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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Conditioned heart

OK, Morning revelation!

Although straight forward it does has some practical use.

Why is it that we can study during the exam, wake up on time during the exams.

Or in short, do some things exceptionally well under some conditions but fail to do so in regular times.

Well I think that its the external condition at those times, which triggers a specific mental state, which helps us do the particular thing.

For example : During exam times the situation is such that you are time pressed, thus when the alarm clock rings you are more likely to see it as a opportunity to do your work. 

But in normal times you are more likely to view it inherently as a nuisance, because the external conditions don't really reinforce your good intension of waking up early.

Also as a passing note do check out my photobucket link (

I read a lot of manga, so whenever i come across an interesting page I save it and upload it on photobucket.

Most of the pictures are saved either because they are beautiful, or because they signify something important for the particular story line.

Or simply it may be that I liked the dialogues, so that being said, enjoy.

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