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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Reflections in the eyes of others

[-> Cultivating individuality is what is needed the most.The crucial moment of transition comes when you accept the fact that you will be nothing in the eyes of the world. You will probably be opposed, asked questions and criticized but you will have to believe its just so that you can grow stronger and more importantly to grow as what you wanted to be.

[->Identify concerns--->Find Solution--->Execute--->Repeat.

[-> Find a goal--->Mindfully pursue--->Refine.

[-> Chemical stability = serious wellness. Food,external environment and mind major factors for attaining chemical stability of the brain. Mediation should probably lead to finding the right "mode" of working and the what remains is sculpting th rest of the hours to keep the flame of you passion alive.

[-> 24 years, 4 months ; tick tock, tick tock. Time is running out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

As is -----> To be

This is randomly generated number 102840936, and below are some random thoughts.

Aim : Minimize cognitive dissonance;

Learning & Growing: Keep the intensity, keep the fucking intensity !!!!!! also remember who's in control, reason reason reason & measure the results.

Need for the ability to manipulate data, i.e imagine & ratify different positions in real time.Forget implementation but inculcate progress ingenuity and data play.

Understanding : I doubt if you can truly understand someone, you can only understand yourself.

The bottom line is that, no matter how much ever you think you are, think you will be. Unless you take concrete action, life is a waste.

Action above all.
Thinking does not matter.
Degrees does not matter.
Past does not matter.
You are what you act.

Action : WTF ! happens when we plan so much but fail to act.
eg : who would not like to get rid of excess flab, or have a great body, but fact of the matter remains, it is difficult to act.

This blog itself is a testament, of what failure can be. Had planned on updating regularly with "good" content, but tsk tsk.

Any ways I think, one needs to construct a surrounding conducive to change. Also principles to follow up in such surrounding, and the will to maintain, as such.Have a aim 'to be' something' and knowing where or what you are i.e 'as is' then what remains is just the journey from 'as is' to 'to be' and every thing that comes in between is noise.

"Despair comes from hope.However it is difficult for a person to live without hope.The only choice is for a person is to live together with despair." -- Kariya Kagetoki (a.k.a. "The Divine Hand") from Samurai Champloo