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Friday, November 26, 2010

Skewed, Biased Interpretation of Deming's 14 Points

Note : I love Deming.

  1. I take Demings 14 Points,
  2. See what people say about it ( )
  3. Make a biased and skewed interpretation of my own in italics.(Not in Italy)
  4. Paste.

1."Create constancy of purpose towards improvement". Replace short-term reaction with long-term planning.

=Trust things won’t change and that your purpose is right. Give up short term gains because you “know” things will be alright.

2."Adopt the new philosophy". The implication is that management should actually adopt his philosophy, rather than merely expect the workforce to do so.

=Act, Pursue.

3."Cease dependence on inspection". If variation is reduced, there is no need to inspect manufactured items for defects, because there won't be any.

= Do things for intrinsic pleasure, not for society, not for people to notice, not for anyone but you.

4."Move towards a single supplier for any one item." Multiple suppliers mean variation between feedstocks.

= Minimize uncertainty, create simplicity.

5."Improve constantly and forever". Constantly strive to reduce variation.

=There is not reached there is only reaching.

6."Institute training on the job". If people are inadequately trained, they will not all work the same way, and this will introduce variation.

= Institute the best practices.

7."Institute leadership". Deming makes a distinction between leadership and mere supervision. The latter is quota- and target-based.

=Trust, Revere and learn from a master.

8."Drive out fear". Deming sees management by fear as counter- productive in the long term, because it prevents workers from acting in the organisation's best interests.

= Transcend fear.

9."Break down barriers between departments". Another idea central to TQM is the concept of the 'internal customer', that each department serves not the management, but the other departments that use its outputs.

= Everyone is the same. You are that which pervades everything.

10."Eliminate slogans". Another central TQM idea is that it's not people who make most mistakes - it's the process they are working within. Harassing the workforce without improving the processes they use is counter-productive.

= Do not use stress to get output, change the process.

11."Eliminate management by objectives". Deming saw production targets as encouraging the delivery of poor-quality goods.

= Do not use guilt to get output, sometimes short term inefficiency is better that long term harm.

12."Remove barriers to pride of workmanship". Many of the other problems outlined reduce worker satisfaction.

= Change the environment. You need to change the environment to suit your ideals.

13."Institute education and self-improvement".

= Learn what is learning. Learn the limits of rationality. Learn the effects of irrationality.

14."The transformation is everyone's job".

= Society should ultimately focus on what is progress. It should move towards satisfaction, sustenance, peace, love, harmony.

P.S :

Food = Ultimate Backup = Ultimate indicator for survival

When? In times of uncertainty

Sleeping in security = Ultimate form to escape situation.

When? In times of fear

Thought Continuum

So, I wake up this morning and draw a diagram of what I think to be the graphical representation of mental processes
Point being I need to migrate to the joy of task.... described as Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
Starting by stopping the useless infinite cycle of useless thoughts.
P.S : The diagram it seems has aggregated ideas from Self Determination Theory(SDT) and some eastern philosophy

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thought Aggregate November.

This post will be dedicated to aggregating thoughts that occured over a period of time.

Thought Train 1 :
Do not assume that people perceive the way you do.

Optimism, Cheerfulness, Friendliness, faith in people/situation.Are much needed behavioral characteristics that need to be imbibed in me.

Thought Train 2 :
Major problems right now:
-> Internet abuse. Use of Internet when feeling down. Conflict of emotions.
-> Values not well internalized. Values not well defined.
-> Behavior needs to be more value based that judgmental. Data should be taken with a grain of salt. Verify, verify, verify.
-> Not internalized values need to be FACED with rationalizing, repeating values plans, understanding it WITH the drawbacks. Guilt, fear should not be used to implement change in behavior.
-> Relapse happens when values are not internalized. So face the conflict by reaching the depth of conflict.
-> Also change of state is a major problem. States are very difficult to change i.e do make an effort to plan the changes in advance e.g. Do not sit on the CPU, talk when change in expected. I think this can be done with moments of silence.
It seems, ones behavior is on a emotional autopilot for most of the time. This time is the one that I hate if it is in conflict with what I intellectually want to do.

Thought Train 3 :
Is this a Summary of motivation?
Seriously, there needs to be undeceitful autonomy.
Working towards procedural improvement rather than result oriented focus.
Trouble is that the efficacy of procedure can only be shown by results, strange dilemma.
So what to do? Silence.......*Birds Chirping* 
My infinite Internet cycle: Deals (Uncertainty fun; Same as gambling), Mirror Neuron Art (Movies, Music, Manga, Anime, Youtube), Games, Social Snooping, Surfing in flow…… no remorse, no worries just flowing.
Productivity = 0; Waste of time = 100%

Thought Train 4 :
Seriously need a teacher. Reverence, Trust, Feedback.

Sometimes a loss of efficiency while working is better than working with an increase in efficiency at the cost of long term harm(vagueeeeeeeee)

Intellectually driven needs are fostered in silence and periods of self reflection.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daydreaming Diminishes Happiness

So there you have it, since I am not posting any content & right now should be studying, might as well post whats on my mind, or more aptly what should not be on my mind.


"A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind"
Matthew A. Killingsworth* and Daniel T. Gilbert

An abstract abstract.
We developed a smartphone technology to sample people’s ongoing thoughts, feelings, and actions and found (i) that people are thinking about what is not happening almost as often as they are thinking about what is and (ii) found that doing so typically makes them unhappy.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Determination fails under peer pressure or it might fail with change in the outlook.

This outlook can change either in volition or in coercion .

It can be debated what volition means, volition might mean giving into desires.While what you are determined to achieve is also a desire, the body sometimes(manytime?) cannot differentiate between desires.

As of now it is accepted that cigarettes are deleterious to health, even if they feel good. But this conflict cannot be resolved by the body. It knows not what is good and what is bad.

What matters is you thinking behind your action, let it be pure and so be it.

Road map ahead :

X does A
X wants to do/be B
X tends to do C

If wants are congruent with does, then a happy mental life ensues.

The reason for why people tend to do things other than what they want to be, is that people are influenced by the environment, thus people tend to doubt themselves.Also we tend to accept what masses do as good, we never suspect that they all might be wrong.

Also the body has a will of its own, amidst all these things, ones abilities to make decision falters greatly, conflicting information is to be blamed.

You can read all the posts and all the psychological babble.It can be summed up in about one sentence. I lack determination to do what I want to do, simple.

What is needed is prudence.

Prudence is knowing when to reject comfort.

"--------"           "--------"          "--------" fear

"--------"           "--------"          "--------" lust

"--------"           "--------"          "--------" anger

"--------"           "--------"          "--------" pride

"--------"           "--------"           "--------" peace

"--------"           "--------"           "--------" acceptance


Sensual Desire



Restlessness and worry

Ill will hatred or anger

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Human beings are influenced by ideas and emotions, not logic or facts or learning from history.

What I have learned from history is, there is no happiness. There is just suffering.
All action are a direct result of trying to relieve that suffering. The sad part is that there is no relieve to that suffering.

What will it feel like to die?

What will the last moment be like?

Will I travel? Will I Stay? Will I feel remorse? Will I feel happy? Will I feel sad? How will it end?

Human beings are meant to procreate and pass on learning.

Ultimately the most human thing to do is not to do things that are human.

Fact: We tend to be judged, and we tend to behave such that there is minimal conflict. In today’s world as people grow the majority of people who follow the crowd are growing, as stupidity grows people who make some sense dwindle to a minority.

If you get opposed, chances are you might be a breakthrough thinker.

The purpose of a business is to make money. Money is needed for a normal livelihood.

What compromises of a normal livelihood?

Firstly having a shelter to call as home and secondly having food to eat.

Can we not have a normal livelihood by doing something else?
Begging is not an option. Volunteering is an option.

Why do I have to depend on anyone else for food?
I depend on money for food, because money can also buy me other stuff.

Why is there a concept of money?
Money is needed to buy things we normally would not be able to make or obtain by any means.
Money is essential because humans tend to desire stuff.

What is there to be done?
If at some point in life you find that there is nothing to be done. Then there is no hope.
There is always something to do.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Peters Law

The creed of the sociopathic obsessive compulsive

1.If any thing goes wrong fix it. (To heck with Murphy!)
2.When given a choice-take both.
3.Multiple projects lead to multiple successes
4.Start at the top and work your way up
5.Do it by the book - But be the author!
6.When forced to compromise, ask for more
7.If you can't beat them, join them then beat them.
8.If it's worth doing, its got to be done right now.
9.If you can't win change the rules.
10.If you can't change the rules, then ignore them
11.Perfection is not an option.
12.When faced without a challenge, go out and make one.
13.No simply means begin again at one level higher.
14.Don’t walk when you can run.
15.Bureaucracy is a challenge to be conquered with a righteous attitude a tolerance for stupidity and a bulldozer when necessary.
16.When in doubt (think)
17.Patience is a virtue but persistence to the point of success is a blessing.
18.The squeaky wheel gets replaced.
19.The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Emotional Abuse

Captain Emotional's Log:

Week 5 : Happily swimming in the primordial goo of life, emotions were born and for the first time in my life I got a heavy dose of WTF!
A feeling I was to grow comfortable with all throughout my journey.
Swimming in darkness I knew not where to go or what to do but wait, for I had nowhere to go and nothing to do.

Week 38 : For a few days now, I was fearful that someone was wanting me out of my home. A fear that was pushed into existence my someone who I later knew to be my mother.
Wet, cold, scared and startled at the world around me,I was upside down and felt a sharp smack on my buttocks and thus felt my first homeostatic emotion...PAIN.
I cried and I cried but for some reason the people around me were smiling, congratulating even dancing around me. I knew not why.

Month 13 : I reached a milestone today and I was happy. I could now walk and slowly run away from what I found to be distasteful. But "taste" it seems is a genetic inevitability as it is a acquired ability.

Year 5 : Kinder-garden Ahhh... the fun. It was pure joy just play with toys, chill around, laugh and have fun.
Little did I know that this was the silence before the storm. A storm of endless competition,grade mongering and soul-less aim chasing ; moderated by corporations motivated solely by profit of aimless souls.

Year 12 : Puberty strikes.
I don't like the fact that I start growing hair on my body and that my voice starts to crack.
I start liking girls and my testosterone makes me want to punch any random guy square in his face. There is much heart break and even more emotional upheaval caused solely by my changing body.

Year 23: First Job.
Initially...... Money,independence Wohoo!!!
After a little I have to go everyday?
What did you say? No promotion !! Man that sucks. I quit.

Year 46 : Now I know mid-life crisis is the best thing that happened to me....why you ask?
Kids don't listen, job has been monotonous for a while now.
Been trying to keep up with the Joneses, but they always tend to stay higher.
I love my life. This is a lie.

Year 63.7 : On my death bed.
By bones are aching. My minds racing with regrets.
I am just waiting for the reaper to end this X-(
Second life here I come!

Round two?!
Bow wow...humping legs and more bow wow.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Future Perfect

Money spending potential is what a persons worth is.

The media manipulates and people conform, the result is that the corporation walks away with a fat paycheck.

Lessons learned :

1. Media/Corporations/Family.... every one benefits from conformists. So the society essentially builds itself around such that it encourages or more bluntly forces children to be mindless puppets.

2. People are not encouraged to express their individuality and worst of all people are happy with it, because in their minds they have attained the cool image as endorsed by the media.

3.What is individuality? isn't it a fabrication of the media, and capitalized by corporate giants.I mean look at the sixties the clothing, hair everything is different from now but they were cool right?

4. What does a person need...primarily food, all the other needs are fabricated just so that people can spend.

5. Whenever you are compelled to do something over and over again. Take care, you might be trapped in a vicious cycle of spending.

6. Ending matters most, if the ending is nice the unpleasantness of the journey is more often forgotten.

So basically life comes down to 2 option 1. Run the headonic treadmill 2. Don't run :P

But the future hopefully wont be so bleak

People will learn to farm 'savants'. Yes it true, children will be farmed and grown to be geniuses with only one purpose..Scientific inquiry into the anything and everything there is.

Future kids will be specialists from birth.

Special training schools will train them to excel in a field.

Others who need to excel in teamplay will be playing together from their childhood.

Later on after 25 they will be free to close their liking, which is unlikely as what they have know all their lives is most likely going to be what they like.

Will they be happy, surely they will be.

Even a person who is paralyzed from neck below eventually agrees that he is happy, then what of other people.

It does not matter if you are a beggar or a king, what you have is happiness. Friends family are all part of that happiness.

For the nth time. Stop procrastination, you know now is all you have.

From right now computer blocked.

No YouTube,No anime/manga, no media what so ever. Off facebook till July end.

No used of computer except - - And checking mail once a day only, any other used means that you are being manipulated by some force.

Continuing that way is relinquishing your freedom thus your right to life are you have already ceased to live.

Additional activities if any. VBA, drawing, blogging.

Nth time "fail" again.....

I cant do anything.Even dying needs you to take a stand, I cant even take that.

Man is not a creature of logic, he is a creature of emotion and logic. There has to be emotional satisfaction on order to be satisfied.

Material things are not capable of giving emotional satisfaction.

Today there is focus on the material aspects of life for some reason.

Take whatever kind of person you want, even someone who has won a lottery is as happy as the person who is parallelized down the neck(Counter intuitive but true)

The happiness we seek is a inherent part of us, even if we chose other wise it will find us. It however comes at a price which is periodic happiness mixed in with periods of relative sadness.

Thus a person is bound to feeling happy and sad. There is no universal panacea, people are bound to be happy and sad and happy and sad. This is a fact of life, whether you accept it or not.

So the question comes what of the additional things we do in order to feel happy. e.g. drinking alcohol,shopping, whatever you can do to feel happy.

It is temporary, period.

One can argue that one can live a happy life by balancing all these things, and understanding that sadness is a integral part of life. I think that it is a given that people do live that way.

I dont want to live that way, it is painful to cling on to things that I get used to. I hate to see the things that I 'love' get boring after some time. I hate the repetitiveness of life.

I need the power to oppose the things that mean harm to me. I need to learn to say no. I need to accept myself as I am.I am ready to die now, all I need to do is really be happy and right now I am not happy.

I think I will imagine myself naked in front of a huge crowd and will say to them that I will do what I want to do, they will not influence me I will follow my conviction.

I will also imagine myself in front of my family, opposed by my family especially my father I will stand by what I believe will bring me happiness.

I think I need to say fuck you to people more often, I should not give a damn about what people will think this wastes my resources. So fuck off people I dont care about what you think.

Motivation is not dependent on your thinking, it more dependent on the environment and your reaction to it. Cultivate a good response. the end all i meet is failure. I think he and I have become good friends. Its sad...if failure was a girl i am sure she would like me..seeing it close to me so much.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Four Men

It chanced upon a winter’s night
Safe sheltered from the weather.
The board was spread for only one,
Yet four men dined together.
There sat the man I meant to be
In glory, spurred and booted.
And close beside him, to the right
The man I am reputed.
The man I think myself to be
His seat was occupying
Hard by the man I really am
To hold his own was trying.
And all beneath one roof we met
Yet none called his fellow brother
No sign of recognition passed
They knew not one another.

Author unknown

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Beef

No, I wont start by saying that I've never done this before because I haven't and I don't feel like saying it.
Does admitting that you have posted an ad on craigslist make you a loser?
Seriously does it?
I cant hear your answer....seriously dude don't play around I cant hear you!
Oh my god!!! have I gone deaf ! damn this !
This is bad, I don't have insurance..I have already sold my brain to the flying capitalist pigs that rule the world....losing my eyes will be too bad.
But wait a minute even if I had insurance...there is no way I'd get my money back.
The flying capitalist pig owns it all...... you don't ever get your money back, you can only spend it.

What do humans desire ? Infinity ?
What do humans need ? Food,clothing,shelter, love..... isn't that all.
There is a conspiracy and we are a part of it.
"I think you might be right" agreed the beef. From his tone you would feel his sense of remorse, but as to why it was that remained a mystery.
" What are you talking..." I tried to question but shut my mouth when I saw out of the corner of my eye, my laptop.
It was perched on top of my dull table.Against my dark room its screen was a sharp contrast,it almost reminded me of a pleasant thing I used to see in the days when I dared to venture out, as I tried to strain my non existent brain I realised that it reminded me of the full moon.
Nay it was my full moon, just as the werewolf transforms on seeing the moon I too start to transform as the screen beckons me always to get my hit.The transformation had begun, the results were always deadly.
I transformed into a being that could run away from everything that was of meaning to any and everyone. As I tried to pull away from my comforting sofa to reach the table I heard a familiar voice.
" Snap out of it boy! " shouted the beef who was now visibly annoyed. I knew he wanted to say something important so I tried to come back to reality.
The beef continued " I was born in spring, I still remember the warmth but more than that I remember the warmth that my mother gave me she loved me,cared for me. But one day they came........the drones they took me away " the beef now broke down completely. His tears now visible, made him even more tender.
"I understand what you are going through" I lied in a attempt to sound interested.
As the sound of bovine sobbing filled the room, melancholy came and sat besides me as she always does.
I whipped up my Ipod-shuffle instinctively and hit the play button.
The sobbing grew louder and louder,in the background Royksopp played his famous song Eple as if to compliment it.
"So Mr. Beef did you have a girlfriend?" I asked to change the topic.
As sharply as a dry twig breaks the crying broke into hysteric outrageous wailing. Obviously I had asked the wrong question.
I could not help but wonder why it happened. Was it a loss of someone, or absence of one.
From the looks of it It was going to be a long night so I quickly settled deeper into my comforting sofa chilling to the beats of Groove Armada playing at the river.
With a grim tone but still sobbing the beef continued "The drone.........*sob* they are horrendous creatures *sob* they took me to a farm far away and fed me my own brethren"
"What!" I interrupted to sound shocked.
"Yes it is true" the beef said to let the truth settle in.
"F**ck the past man" I said.
"You are here now healthy and well, that's what matters doesn't it?" I asked hoping to cheer him up.
"That it correct and I have you to thank, if it wasn't for you I would have died in the endless frozen aisle of doom" replied the beef.
"Oh its nothing..its nothing" I said modestly.
 "OK lets forget about me.Tell me about you?" prodded the beef.
"Umm... what do you want to know?" I asked quite apprehensively as I never like to talk, let alone about myself.
"What kind of girl are you looking for?" asked the beef
"Wow!do you have some kind of clairvoyance?" I questioned unable to comprehend how he figured out my search for a girlfriend.
"Oh that's was easy to figure out, the craigslist personal's page was open on your laptop"
*shuffle* The Knife stabbed me with N.Y. Hotel
"So that why...... anyways my ideal girl should be boring, unhappy, with an inability or unwillingness to connect meaningfully with the world and certainly being paranoid will help" I said quite unassumingly.
"WTF! are you crazy boy" shouted the beef.
Ignoring the beef I continued " I don't want the perfect girl, I just want to connect with someone I can understand"
"You are mad boy! you will never attain happiness this way" claimed the beef.
"No.................... you are the mad one........cow" I silently rested my case.