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Monday, February 16, 2009


Perception: Noun
1. The process whereby information about one's environment, received by the senses, is organized and interpreted so that it becomes meaningful.
2. one's powers of observation; discernment; insight.
3. one's view or interpretation of something.

If we try to see the types of perceptions that can be, broadly there is the perception of:

 1.Oneself
 2.Outer world
 3.Relation between the two.

If we see oneself there is always the perception of self like “I am slim; I am shy etc. etc” but that’s just the personality traits which are changeable or appearances of which we have no control of; I mean I can be born ugly and that’s just the end of.

And there is the inner core self; the nucleus of our existence; the energy that drives this body of which there is a lacuna even in science.

As for the outer world we were told to look at the outer world through the eyes of science or by the way of experience.

And finally the relationship between the two; again massive void no answers here. There is nobody to tell why we are here or what the purpose of a being is. Personally, just as in chess there is no perfect move to play, according to the position the moves change ; similarly there’s no molded answers as to what a persons reason for existence is, it changes according to person to person.

But at some point one does faintly realize that we all seek the beauty of perception, and as such if we try to find a person with the most refined perceptions of all the answer for me would be the saints who ; believe-->experience-->proclaim that God is “Sat(truth)” + “Chit(consciousness)” + “Anand(Bliss)” . I i.e self is God, outer world is god & similar to a pot in the ocean, once the pot breaks what remains is what was = ocean i.e saturation in god. There is no purpose than to bask in his glory, as children of god.

Just the thought of such gives so much inner peace & non conflict that one feels like this is the way life should be.

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