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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Some thoughts continued....

Off to the third definition :

3. Inertial Stubbornness :

Have you ever wondered what does it mean to be human? Or what is the most critical difference between human beings and other species?

I think what makes us distinctly human is the ability to banish our existence.

Have you never heard or seen any other species that can kill itself….. ?? Don’t think so.

What is suicide: Ans -> Suicide is defined as the act of deliberately taking one's own life.

This is unique only to human’s

Banishing our existence can be the physical thing i.e contemporary definition of suicide or more importantly it can also be the mental abandoning of self. Which brings me to the definition of Inertial stubbornness: “It is the tendency of all beings to live. The natural tendency for the I to exist/thrive is inertial stubbornness”

So is it bad? Is the existence of I bad? Hmm.. depends on how to you look at it.

Buddha outlines the 3 marks of existence (existence of I):

  1. Dukkha.
  2. Anitya.
  3. Anatma.

If you look at this way thinks look bleak/dark and I run away. So it is seems inertial stubbornness does not allow us to look at things this way. Any ways what possible good will come out of a outlook so bleak. I think the possibility to transcend mundane existence is what the outlook is likely to give.

So what do I do??

I think the answer is in the fourth definition i.e

4. Right Mindfullness:

Living with the proper understanding of the 3 marks of existence. Shifting the focus from running from the present to embracing it. It is marked by conscious shift of focus on what should be as opposed to the “Feeling” of right or wrong and the loss of the I.

Clarity on what should be comes from good company or sangha or satsang.

Therefore the way to finding the path = (Renounce the –ve spheres ) + (Embrace/overwhelm the +ve spheres) +(banish the I)

Should theoretically lead you to happiness :)

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