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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some Thoughts

I believe, that in life, we are attracted to some things, those things then define us and finally overcome us. So that we are no more.
And life begins again.
This goes on till we find ourselves.
Pure existence.
No one to influence you. No one to motivate you. No one to push. No one to pull.
Just be..............

In this regards I have coined some terms.

1. Sphere of Influences.
2. Inertial Latching.
3. Inertial Stubbornness.
4. Right mindfulness.

Ok.... first up..

1. Sphere of influences : these are of two types namely :
a. positive.
b. negative.

Some notable Influences in our life.
Negative ones first :
1. T.V
2. Sleep :p i.e bed/couch
3. Newspapers.
4. Internet.
5. People..... Friends/family <--- this ones common and can be positive too1
6. Food/Drinks/Drugs/other distraction.

I like to call them negative cuz...they keep us in constant flux..... always wanting us to chase them.
And cuz they drain creativity... make us inertial.

This takes me to the next defination

2. Inertial Latching.

How many times do we just do things.. mindlessly... robotic even...
just watching T.V for hours...
mindless surfing.....
binging on food.....

Its like every day is like the day before. Nothing new. Stale...damp.... Inertia!

I like to define intertial latching.... as the subconscious attachment to things which waste time... nothing more...

I think happiness is the absence of suffering. And what we do is run away from suffering, finally it is bound to catch up. Thus we end up suffering.
Inertial latching is holding on to things that postpone suffering. Thus are a hindrance to attaining lasting happiness.

thats all for now..... later


U.Sidharth Bhat said...

wud u say right mindfullness is the cure for the 1st three??

This is the life said...

yup! right on U.Sidharth Bhat . will try to define what it is when i figure it out :P . n e way dont know what the cure is as of now. share if you have any insights.