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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Poem Titled - Just Another

Here is a poem i wrote, when there was a slack in the number of projects. Was on bench(temporary lay-off) so had plenty of time :P


As someone said “poor life this is full of care, for we have no time to stand and stare”,

But he was not poor, for he had all the time to gossip and for stories to share,

Free to learn any thing he wants and become the man he always wanted to be,

Wise and keen, with muchness of knowledge only paralled by Mr Bean,

And all was happy for he had pay, for sitting and doing nothing all day,

Days turned to months & months into years and he still sat from dawn to dusk,

All the while his friends grew in all while his faculties began to rust,

And then it struck ….like a thunder it was not because thunder is white, this was more like a blunder,

Every thing Black and gray what was worst the epistle or the mental fray,

He then realized ………just another bench warmer became he,

In this faux pas who would quench the implacable flame with the fighting and endless blame game,

He found comfort in a abandoned park when he met someone he knew,

Oh! how well he knew for he was with him from the inception of the dream till the remainder of it faded,

He talked with him, for he always gave him support. He talked and talked till he began to feel jaded,

Just then the protector arrived and dragged the man out of his place,

Don’t do this he protested for he knew only the bench can give him solace……

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